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Palio Remiero delle Contrade di Cavallino-Treporti

All the towns organise celebrations and events in which you can sample typical local products and enjoy yourself in the company of others. But everyone awaits the day of the final rowing context, when the twelve local contrade compete. The day opens with a choreographic historic procession of boats down the Pordelio canal, recalling the origins of the communities that date back to the Roman Age and that of the Doges of Venice.

The key moment is the rowing contest, with the representatives from various contrade who compete aboard typical vessels of the Venice Lagoon: from mascarete to 6-oared caorline and the famous gondolas. The contrada that wins the main rowing contest, on caorline, will be awarded the Palio d’Arte, the standard created specially for the occasion every year by a different artist.

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